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Cool stuff for Orkut Scraps

Welcome to Orkut Style, we provide cool graphics and tools to use on Scraps on Orkut. We have 1000's of images which are completely free to use on yours or others profile.

Flash Text
Scrap Glitter Text
orkut Cube
Get a spinning cube
Funky Clocks
Text Effects
Create cool text effects
Love Note Writer
Make a realistic looking lovenote
Glitter Paint
Draw your own glitter
Love Note
Love Note
Glitter any Image
Glitter any Image
Love Hearts
Get Love Hearts
LED Scroller
Scrolling Messages
Banner Maker
Make a Banner
About Orkut Style
If you are looking for images to insert on scraps, just try Glitter Graphics, Lips, Cartoons and more.

We also provide the very latest tools and flash animations ready to paste directly into scraps on Orkut pages. For example try the widely popular LED Scroller for a really cool effect. Other very popular tools include Glitter Paint and the Spinning Cube effect.

Glitter Instructions

Stage 1 - Get the URL of the image you like and insert it into the box provided
Stage 2 - Draw over the image to spinkle glitter where you would like it.
Stage 3 - We provide a standard html code block which you will need to copy to display it on your own Orkut

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